🌹True Love🌹

“You’ll be too much woman for every man until you meet your soulmate.”


Do you ever wish you could just find your true love and just live happily ever after? Seriously, like you would just say, “F* everyone and F* social media, let’s focus on the two of us.” You would enjoy living, loving, and conquering the world together. You wouldn’t care about updating your status, because you’d be too in love, and #living your best life!
You’d go to the mall like two high school teenagers in love; holding hands, shopping, eating tacos at the food court, and laughing at each other’s jokes. You’d be giddy for each other, lovey dovey, and planting kisses all over each other. You’d go cruising through the town, singing loudly in the car, and being silly with one another. You’d be smitten by each other so much that it would make others sick.

Passionately, you’d make art in life, as well as in your bedroom. Together, your bodies would create love poems meant to be enjoyed by only the poets themselves, YOURSELVES. Poetry that you would wish to recite until memorized.
Your lovemaking, would be the ultimate love story ever, only to be read between the two of you, over and over again. Your love, a live romance story. Each embrace with your lover, a cosmic encounter. A love story so beautiful, that you would never tire of it. In fact, with each passing day, it only got better and better. Each of you a unique masterpiece, reading your favorite romance story ever created. Each other.

Both of you just enjoying life together. Living in the moment. Not worrying about what “people” are thinking, doing, judging, etc. You’d be making money together and building your own private little kingdom. You’d hop in a plane together and go touristing exotic destinations, swim with the dolphins, drink fancy drinks, and eat the most luxurious cuisines.

Do you really think that the opposite sex version of you, exists out there? That you have a soulmate out there? Will he or she know it when they see you? How do you know, or how will you know? Will it be as simple as a connection of your gaze into each other’s eyes? Or could it be when you hear each other’s voice for the very first time, that you will recognize a familiarity or feel a connection?

Or, is it much more complicated than that? Is it as simple as a sexual attraction, or a mental attraction, or an intellectual attraction? What is it, that makes you know when you’ve met the one? Is there even such a thing, as “the one”? How will you know that this is your special person? Will you just feel it in your hearts and automatically know, this is my him, or that this is your her? Or is this all just a gamble, where only a few win the prize? Is it all just a game that is played, in which you lose more often than not?

……..Just random thoughts.

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Clem Onojeghuo


Broken Heart

What is one to do

When their heart gets broken

When time stays frozen still

And the tears storm down

Flooding the eyes

Distorting the vision

The mind can’t think straight

The body just going through the motions

When you can’t eat

When you can’t sleep

When you feel like you’re trapped in a tornado

Everything around you is still moving

But your entire world is spinning out of control

I must be Gods puppet

Because I don’t know how I keep moving

Keep living

Keep breathing

Deanna Guadalupe Montalvo


She Waited

She waited 3 years for the one her heart loved

But she knew deep down that he would never come

He thought of himself as the prize

So he toyed with her heart

Played games with her emotions

He succeeded in his tactics

He made her eyes flood

He broke her to pieces

Like so many men err in thought

He thought this sadistic pain

Would beget his pleasure

But in doing so he came against a daughter of God

He never stood a chance

God protected her

God himself blew out her passion

Her heart was spared

And she not completely broken

For she knew that her God loved her

And HE always has something better

For those who love Him

Deanna Guadalupe Montalvo


I Still Won

I tried to give you my heart but you only wanted to use me for my body

But my God loves me

He made sure you NEVER got that and you never will

You think you’re winning by toying with my emotions, yet you fail to realize that it is YOU WHO LOST!